I wasn’t there.

The other day, upon arriving home, I found my daughter lying on the carpet, clutching her leg.  Crying as if she’d been stabbed.

“What’s wrong, baby?”

She pulled up her pant leg to show the scratch.

“Holy Moses, What happened???”

To which she replied (with a disgusted look):  “I don’t know. I wasn’t there.”


Now I know better than to argue with a six  year old, so I hugged her, kissed the wound and off she went.  But it got me thinking, how often am I not there when my body is clearly present (I mean, it was her leg right???)

How often each day are you not truly present?

Someone says hello, and you respond with “good morning!” –  yet it’s 3pm.
A stranger asks where the bus stop is, and you respond “good, how are you?”
There’s a random bruise on your shin, and you’ve got no idea.

For the most past, we live either several steps ahead, or a few steps behind.  I’m, in the several steps ahead category….

Today, do your best of fully BE here.  Right now.