Palpate. Part I

Palpate ~ (verb) to examine by touch

This is one of my new favorite words.
Yet, it’s incredibly under-used.  You might hear “palpate” in a doctor’s office or perhaps, a yoga class.
And even then, it’s not common.

Palpate your pelvis. What is it doing?
Wait, do you know where your pelvis is?

Palpate your shoulder.
Where is it in space?  Do you feel any tension?

ahhhh…you had me at palpate….

It’s soooo useful.  We often think we’re doing one thing, and yet our body is doing something else entirely (I love video for this very reason).

Feel your way in.

Physically touch your body.  Your life.  Your movement.
That tightness in your chest – it might be on the inside, but what does it do physically?   How does it affect your movemeant?  What does it feel like?

Palpate.  Feel your way in.