Reflection. Review. 2011.

So it has taken me most of January but I think I’ve come up with a solid focus for 2011.
Long ago, I gave up making resolutions.
I feel like resolutions go for short term change – or focus on changing who I am…and I’m not down with that (I’m pretty awesome and there’s no need for a large over haul 🙂 HA!
But that doesn’t mean I don’t set goals for the year or spend some time in reflection.
This year it has taken me a bit longer than normal…but I recently finished and posted my list, and it feels good.

Several years ago, I was at a party and a gal was explaining her birthday practice of making a list of things to accomplish/do/goals each year on her birthday – the list containing as many items as years she was turning. I LOVED the idea, and as my birthday coincides with the end of the year, I’ve adopted the practice as my “resolution” list. Granted, I capped the list at 30 (I figured that was a nice round number).
Some of the things on the list are easy and light:
laugh out loud every day
see live music 3 times
read 1 book about money

Other things are meant to push me outside of my box:
try one new activity
sign up for a writer’s group
give up frustration/anger/defensiveness

I typically have 3-4 categories (personal, health, money, etc.), post it some where that I see it every day and have a general theme (balance or this year: becoming more me).
This year I’ve included my values across the top of the list as a reminder to reflect my values in my actions and I’ve also come up with 3 words for the year:
Patience. Creativity. Simplicity.
Next December, I’d like to look back and see that I’ve practiced patience (Lord knows I’m going to need it with 2 young children…..and with myself). That I was creative, and simplicity in everything.

All in all I feel good about the start to the year.
Which is a good thing, as I just read that how you start our year is how you will live it.
How did yours begin? and/or what sort of new year’s practice do you have?

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