My husband and I recently had a little baby girl.
Now we have two children – both under two.
While pregnant, many people, including my husband – kept telling how hard this is going to be.
How it’ll be chaos.
How this is going to be extremely difficult.
Even now, when on a walk (along with the dog) people just laugh when they see us coming, and tell me that I have my hands full.
I call bullshit. Ok, now don’t get me wrong – I’m not saying this is going to be easy-peasy, or that thus far I have it mastered. Or that I’m going to LOVE every second of it, and be totally zen the whole time. However, going into it with the attitude of “this is going to be hard” doesn’t work for me. Thinking thoughts like those, before I even begin the day, makes my body heavy. My mind revolts, I get frustrated more easily and fun disappears.
You get the results you expect.
So while I know there are going to be days that I’d like to poke my eyes out or drop one child off somewhere…(more likely drop the dog) – I’m going to assume that I’ll survive the year with eyes in tact and two children plus the jack russell.
I’m headed into this, with the knowing that it’s going to be chaos (I’m chaos – how can this be any different?!) – but it’s going to be fun chaos more often than not. An adventure of sorts, with all kinds of opportunity.
To hell with those that think it’s going to be super hard. Grandma is only a plane flight away 🙂

What sort of perspective can you change today?

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