Transition (noun) ~ movement, passage, or change from one position, state, stage, subject, concept, etc., to another; change

Every day we experience many transitions. 
Transitions connecting our thoughts, our daily flow and everything in between. There are significant transitions: adolescence to adulthood; and seemingly insignificant ones: work day to home life.

How do you transition?

In a speech, or even during conversation, transitions from one thought or concept to the next are often full of filller words: 
Um.  So.  But.  And. 
These words aren’t necessary.  They have no use or meaning, but fill the space from one thought to the next. 

Instead of a filler word, you could just as easily take a deep breath.  Pause.  Stop, and think.  Or heaven forbid, allow some silence.

Notice.  How do you transition?  What words do you use? (my word of choice is so…..I’m trying to get rid of it)

We have filler words to transition thoughts, there must also be “filler” activities for the daily transitions in life.
That glass of wine after work. Mindlessly scrolling on the phone. Numbing out with TV before bed.

Something worth paying attention to.

How do you transition from one thing to the next?

Transition, with intention.

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